Dr. Heather Buckle, ND, FABNO
Seattle based Naturopathic Oncology

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Guiding You Through Your Options While Cutting Through the Fiction.

There is a lot of information available about alternative or natural treatments with claims to cure cancer. Yet, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Dr. Buckle takes the time to provide thorough guidance, evaluating the available evidence to determine the most safe and effective plan for you as an individual.

All the while, she gives you the space to ask questions, bring up concerns, and be heard and responded to as you face the challenges ahead.

Rather than experimental treatments and alternatives to conventional treatment, Dr. Buckle focuses on utilizing the best of both worlds for an integrative approach to your treatment and recovery.

What our patients say


with Dr. Buckle’s sound advice, I was able to make well-informed decisions about the treatment that was right for me. 



Dr. Buckle helped me to get the best of both worlds, combining my conventional treatment with supportive naturopathic therapies.  I feel like I am getting the very best integrative care!



Dr. Buckle did a wonderful job of managing my symptoms while I was going through treatment.  I couldn’t have done it without her.   I am also very grateful for her advice, now that I am finished with treatment, to make sure that I am not taking anything that could interfere with my recovery.


Providing Personalized Guidance
and Support Through All Stages
of Treatment and Recovery

  • When first diagnosed with cancer
  • While undergoing cancer treatment
  • When you have completed your treatments
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When first diagnosed with cancer

Receive guidance and therapies to prevent or minimize the side effects you’ll face, optimize your wellness and normalcy, and potentially improve the efficacy of your conventional treatments.

While undergoing cancer treatment

Dr. Buckle works with your oncologists to ensure that the integrative therapies are administered safely, without interfering with your conventional treatments.

After your treatment

Dr. Buckle can help support you through your recovery. She will continue to follow your progress to optimize your wellness and help you prevent recurrence.

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