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Monthly Archives: June 2023

a naturopathic doctor's table of Low FODMAP diet for managing IBS symptoms and IBD and chronic digestive issuesand the overlay of text reading: "Restrictive Diets: What you need to know"


SHOULD YOU TRY A RESTRICTIVE DIET? Are you sensitive to certain foods and wonder if eliminating foods from your diet might help? A restrictive diet can certainly help reduce symptoms sometimes, but they can also have unintended consequences such as nutrient deficiencies and disordered eating. As such, restrictive diets should be used judiciously and ideally on a short-term basis. This month I’m breaking down restrictive diets and helping you determine when and if it is something to explore. If you are considering

wave of water representing hydration for optimal health & bowel function with the text overlay reading "A Guide for hydration and electrolyte replacement."


/ HYDRATION AND ELECTROLYTE REPLACEMENT Admittedly, I was thinking about this blog topic after our late May heat wave, when I thought we might escape “Juneuary” here in Seattle, but alas, our weather can be very unpredictable. That said, it’s definitely bound to heat up after July 4th (at least we can count on that!) With that in mind, it’s time to talk about hydration and electrolyte replacement. I don’t often write about general health in my blogs, as a naturopathic doctor