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Have you noticed a burning sensation in your esophagus or chest that often comes after eating difficult meals [READ: heavy, spicy, greasy foods]? You may be experiencing GER. Gastroesophageal reflux, or GER, is often referred to as heartburn, acid reflux, or even indigestion (STORY). Typically, patients who have been experiencing symptoms like these: Nausea in the morningFowl breathEpigastric pain – gnawing under the breastboneIn children – regurgitation might start with a visit to a primary allopathic doctor in hopes of alleviating day to day discomfort. If

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What To Consider: Is It IBS or Something Else?

Worried your intestinal discomfort is here to stay? It’s not as if you are trying to intentionally suffer through your symptoms – but you just can’t seem to find a way to alleviate them. Most likely you have already tried to do so much on your own: You searched for wisdom from an allopathic doctor’s perspective – the scary diagnoses have been ruled outYou explored supplements, over the counter medications and prescriptionsYou changed your habits to better support healthy nutrition, movement, sleep and