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infographic of a gastrointestinal microbiome to represent Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) The text "IDB: therapeutic diet" is overlaid on the image.


WHEN A THERAPEUTIC DIET MIGHT BE NECESSARY Therapeutic diets have been used for decades to manage various health conditions, especially gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. Although therapeutic diets can be beneficial for many patients, they must be used judiciously to avoid the risk of disordered eating, particularly in children. As a naturopathic doctor specializing in gastroenterology, I recognize the importance of using therapeutic diets for short periods of time to reduce symptoms and then gradually expanding the diet as symptoms improve. One important

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As the summer months wane and we start harvesting garden bounties, sending children back to school, and thinking about productivity in terms of work. It is also important to consider our overall immunity and how we can continue to operate at optimal wellness when activities move indoors. Did you know that the health of the body’s immune system starts in the gut? In fact, the gut microbiome sets the pace for the whole body – all the way through the heart and

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What To Consider: Is It IBS or Something Else?

Worried your intestinal discomfort is here to stay? It’s not as if you are trying to intentionally suffer through your symptoms – but you just can’t seem to find a way to alleviate them. Most likely you have already tried to do so much on your own: You searched for wisdom from an allopathic doctor’s perspective – the scary diagnoses have been ruled outYou explored supplements, over the counter medications and prescriptionsYou changed your habits to better support healthy nutrition, movement, sleep and