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It’s a special time of year, a time for reconnecting to ourselves. As 2022 winds to a close, we might be reflective of the fact that we have been through a once in a generation experience. Many of us are thinking and hoping that 2023 will finally be the year we will get back to “normal.” 

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, they are hard to stick to. Instead, setting life goals and intentions that can actually be obtained are more helpful. Especially after the health scape of the last few years, it’s important to take care of the issues that we’ve put on the back burner.

In the new year, consider getting in touch with your body and revisiting the health needs you have been ignoring. For instance, I have patients who have had diarrhea for years. Years. We have spent so much time in survival mode, it’s time to thrive.

If you are someone who has been experiencing chronic GI issues it is long past time to get it checked out. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I had intermittent GI pain?
  • Alternating diarrhea/ constipation?
  • Acid reflux?
  • Bloating or gas?
  • Unexplained, ongoing nausea?

Rather than pushing past the pain and guessing why you continue to have these symptoms, take the time to look into it deeper. I can help decipher what’s going on with your body through testing and by offering dietary modifications that will alleviate discomfort.

The big goal should be restoring normal function to your GI tract, your body and your everyday life. Don’t set a resolution this year; instead follow through on your intention to take care of yourself and to be well.

Natural medicine can work very well to improve bowel function. Please contact Dr. Heather Buckle ND, FABNO if you have questions about integrative solutions for any gastrointestinal issues you may have. If you live in Washington state and would like to learn more about Dr. Buckle’s naturopathic approach to your wellness, please call (206) 643-2239 or CLICK HERE to schedule a consultation.

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